Event: The Holberg Symposium: “From Double Consciousness to Planetary Humanism”
Location: University of Bergen, Norway
Date: 04 June 2019
Paper title: Sensitive Skin

I was one of four scholars invited to this year’s Holberg Symposium to share perspectives on critical race theory, conceptions of otherness, colonial history and what it means to be human in our time. The symposium was part of a week of events hosted in honour of the recipient of the 2019 Holberg Prize, Professor Paul Gilroy.

I presented a paper entitled “Sensitive Skin“, which considered what it is to be human, through the lens of an emergent research practice that has been tethered to affectively charged colonial collections, both on and offline. I specifically focussed on encounters with objects and artworks that pose ethical questions about excavation, language, visuality, (dis)appearance, and witnessing. The talk also drew on reparative gestures offered by contemporary artists engaged in the ongoing reperformance of memory.